Thumb Control Adjustable Nozzle w/ Carbon Fiber Texture
Product Size : 14.5*10.7*3.5 (cm)
Net Weight : 256.2 (g)

TW Patent No. : D210215
CHINA Patent No. : 6165164
Product description
  • New Carbon Fiber Texture design
  • Adjustable Spray : Twist the front tip to adjust the stream from a wide cone down to a targeted jet spray
  • Easy to use
  • Classic style
Product specifications
  • Product Size : 14.5*10.7*3.5 (cm)
  • Net Weight : 256.2 (g)
  • Material:Zinc, TPR, ABS
  • Finish:Powder Coating
  • Color:Black, Titanium (Can be adjusted)
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